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Here are some resources that I use, check, and maintain in order to help keep track of the gigantic number of registered trademarks out there!



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My gigantic spreadsheet of active registered trademarks in class 025: This class covers most clothing, but this spreadsheet specifically targets t-shirts, tops, and other shirt styles.)

My somewhat smaller spreadsheet of active registered trademarks in class 016: This class covers many paper products; this spreadsheet is aimed mostly at greeting cards, stickers, and similar goods.)

TESS: The USPTO’s own search engine.  The best source for information, but it’s kind of ugly and hard to use.  That’s why I wrote…

Searching TESS with a little more finesse: A blog post that covers how to do more in-depth targeted searches in the USPTO’s TESS search system.

TMhunt: A cleaner and easier search system that limits results to class 025.  Data is sometimes a couple of weeks behind TESS.

TMOG (Trademark Official Gazette): The USPTO’s weekly list of all changes, updates, cancellations, registrations, and more. I use highly filtered lists at the TMOG to find the new registrations and cancellations for Trademark Tuesday.



Back in January 2019, I started up the gigantic spreadsheet (linked above), not only because it was hard to find a lot of these registered trademarks that impact crafters and makers, but also because I just love to make spreadsheets.  It grew and grew as I found more marks, and other designers let me know about ones they’d found.

In mid-2020, I figured out how to filter the USPTO’s weekly gazette so that I could see each week’s new registrations in class 025.  I started compiling the most interesting ones, and posting them to a designer group on Facebook.  But not everyone could see them there, so in 2021, I expanded the weekly trademark posts to this website!  Hopefully you’ll find the Trademark Tuesday posts (and the other various stuff I write about) helpful in your crafting, design, or creative business!

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